25 February 2024
The Abbey - Word of sin

The Abbey – Word of Sin

Releasedate:   17-02-2023
Label:  Season of Mist

The Abbey is a formation from Finland making a combination of Progressive and Doom. The band has many familiar names on board, yet “Word of Sin” is their debut album.

When I heard about his new band I hasted to follow what would going on. With the lineup I would have high expectations of their music. And when you sit for it you will discover many great moments. Janne and Jesse bringing in guitars that demand your attention. Eventually they step back from the spotlight and give it over to one other. Which is a thing in the whole album. It comes and goes, one need to listen a couple of times to see the red thread in it.
Mentioned before in reviews, Natalie is one of the best female vocalist around and it is nice to hear her in this album also. Modest as always, but never without leaving an impression. Her sound is complimenting the music very nicely.

Looking at the highlights of this release it comes down to the track “Widow’s Will”. It is track that is brought with a lot of passion and one that sticks in mind most.

Altogether this album sounds like one you must experience live to catch the magnitude of it. Nice to get to hear their music, but hopefully we get to see it on the road some when.

 Line up:

  • Henri Arvola – Bass
  • Vesa Ranta – Drums
  • Jesse Heikkinen – Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
  • Janne Markus – Guitars
  • Natalie Koskinen – Vocals


  1. Rat King
  2. A Thousand Dead Witches
  3. Crystallion
  4. Starless
  5. Desert Temple
  6. Widow’s Will
  7. Queen of Pain
  8. Old Ones: Prequel
  9. Old Ones