25 May 2024

Hanoi Rocks – Oriental Beat (40th Anniversary)

Releasedate:   17th of March 2023
Label:  Svart Records

Hanoi Rocks is the band that no need to introduce. The Finnish rock formation has unusual story behind. Hanoi Rocks founded in 1979 and worked until 1985, then reunited in 2001 until finally disbanded in 2009. Being a flash on the rock sky, the band was influential for many musicians worldwide. This March remastered record Oriental beat was released as “re(al) mix” supervised and approved by Hanoi Rocks. This is the second attempt since 1982 to reach authentic sound that was suitable for all band members.

Disclaimer, I didn’t compare the records in forty years gap and just listen to a record like a first attempt never been released. Unfair maybe. So what we have on track? The eleven songs of the era of early raw rock with the actual themes of 1980s’: a bit of outlaws, femme fatale and speed of light.
A few tracks will pay your attention in 21 century. Driving in style with “Oriental Beat” and then “Motorvatin’”. “Lightnin’ Bar Blues” is closer to The Who‘s material with thin guitars and circled melody but absolutely shorter in time. The clichéd “Devil Woman” is about relationship between men and women in the early eighties of last century. My personal fav is “Visitor” with lighting vocals and chorus in the gaze of psychedelic vibes. The last track is a ballad “Fallen star” with piano accompaniment that good closing moment in standard scheme of rock record.

Resuming the record, it still belongs to 1980s’. Through the years Hanoi Rocks represents rock itself. Buckle up and welcome to time-travel.


Line up:
  • Michael Monroe – vocals
  • Andy McCoy – lead guitar
  • Nasty Suicide – rhythm guitar
  • Sami Yaffa – bass
  • Gyp Casino – drums 
Hanoi Rocks


  1. Oriental Beat
  2. Motorvatin’
  3. No Law Or Order
  4. Teenangels Outsiders
  5. Sweet Home Suburbia
  6. M.C. Baby
  7. Visitor
  8. Don’t Follow Me
  9. Lightnin’ Bar Blues
  10. Devil Woman
  11. Fallen Star


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