31 March 2023

MÄRVEL – Double Decade

Releasedate:   24.02.2023
Label:  The Sign Records

Biography of the costumed Swedish trio “Märvel” counts nine records in total. This February the band celebrates two decades of being with the greatest hits.

What if we skip twenty years and try the relic from bygone era retrospectively? The good instrument for learning new stuff.

Almost all the tracks mastered by Magnus Lindberg (The Hellacopters, Imperial State Electric, Lucifer). That’s why I expected to hear Nicke Andersson vocals. Just kidding. Well, I wasn’t as wrong, here tribute to The Hellacopters and cover of “The Devil Stole the Beat From the Lord” is good one.

Now check out what I missed in years. Amongst twenty songs I can pick several worthy. The opener western “Hills have eyes” (same titled album, 2015), psychedelic and outstanding “The effort” from “Warhawks of War” (2011), signaling and high-tempo “Danish Rush” from “Hadal Zone Express” (2007). The last one mentioned (that my personal fav) is provocative and sticky “Ambassador of Fantastic” from B-side of the limited 7″ “Metalhead” (2012).

Additionally, the anniversary record includes two unreleased tracks from the last album “Graces Came with Malice” (2022): “Catch 22” and “Turn the page”. Technically not better, nor worse than another stuff.

Diving into history of “Märvel” is like a journey to Neverland. Honestly, I can’t say I missed a lot, the superheroes wasn’t found. Despite of that, I recommend the record for everyone who eager to 70’s vibes, these 77 minutes will be not waste of your time.


Line up:
  • The King – guitars, vocals
  • The Vicar – drums
  • The Burgher – bass 


  1. The Hills Have Eyes
  2. Remember
  3. The Effort
  4. Thunderblood Heart
  5. A Killing View
  6. Bring It On
  7. I Wanna Know You (Just A Little Bit Better)
  8. Five Smell City
  9. Danish Rush
  10. All Over the News
  11. T.N.H.
  12. Goddess On the Loose
  13. Catch 22
  14. Son Of A Gypsy
  15. Ambassador Of Fantastic
  16. Ain’t Gonna Last
  17. Spider
  18. Turn the Page
  19. The Devil Stole the Beat From the Lord
  20. Pyrrhic Victory
  21. Eight Arms to Hold You
  22. Motherfucker
  23. These Boots are Made for Flying