31 March 2023

Teksti-TV 666 – Vapauden tasavalta

Releasedate:  24th February 2023 
Label:  Svart Records

“Teksti-TV 666” (eng: “Teletext 666”) is the Finnish band based in Helsinki. The crowded formation releases the second album this February via Svart Records.

Despite of band members number, the record consists only six tracks. Two of them attributed as “krautrock”, other four are slightly shoegaze. The philosophy of band “all in guitars” means using five and even six guitars at once. Let see what the effect it provided.  

Maybe it’s cognitive dissonance. The psychedelic “TJ” and “Ilmainen pizza” have chaotic structure of songs on the contrary with stoner when structure harmonic as well. The mentioned tracks continue over 7 minutes; a bigger part of them is monotonic and minimalistic. Additionally, vocals mostly clear and cosmic like a huge hello from 70s.

Analyzing other tracks, the positives vibes detected. If music could be pictured, then there is the midnight party/jam session with asynchrony chorus turned into the foggy morning with dew on the grass as typical Finnish summer sunrise supposed to be. Sounds a bit romantic, but material is much performative. The couple of tracks is brilliant and worthy to explore, there are partly hypnotic “Keimolan tähtiportti” and “Kuukauden myyjä”.

Back to terminology, krautrock also known as “cosmic music”. “Teksti-TV 666” work proved it.


Line up:
  • Tero Huotari – Guitar
  • Jarkko Laakkonen – Guitar
  • Johannes Leppänen – Guitar
  • Timo Huotari – Drums
  • Jani Karikoivu – Bass


  1. Kapteeni
  2. Keimolan tähtiportti
  3. TJ
  4. Kuukauden myyjä
  5. Ilmainen pizza
  6. Jeffrey