25 May 2024

Bastard Town – Kick Me In The Face

Releasedate:   01-09-2022

Bastard Town surprised us with an album at the end of 2020. One that we kept on rotation til the day of today The Finnish formation returns this year with a brand new single called “Kick Me In The Face”. It is out now.

Just as the previous release we are listening to a sound that has a country feel combined with alternative metal and a dark undertone. The track they chose as their single is straightforward and the words are not leaving much of a mystery. The band creates a thick and doomy atmosphere around them, a scenery that strengthens the outcome as a whole. It is not a fast one, the song progresses with a its impact and let you unite with the feelings it brings.

Writing a review based on one song is not something we do very often, but we can justify it by looking at the impact from the previous release. And It looks like Bastard Town is continueing from that with “Kick Me In The Face”. Worth to give it a spin!


Bastard Town


  1. Kick Me In The Face