29 January 2023

Brymir – Voices In The Sky

Releasedate:   26-08-2022
Label:  Napalm Records

Brymir is a Finnish Melodic Death formation which was founded in 2006. The band is releasing a new album this year, which will be their fourth. It is called “Voices In The Sky” and is available now.

It has been a while since we came across this act at Tuska festival for the first time, so it is good to see they found their way to Napalm Records and get some more international attention. The band has some folk touch to their sound. Ensiferum would be easy to mention, but people who have looked into this and before know that the guys have some history with the music of that band.
Then we are getting some Power Metal vibes with this release as well. Epic sounds and lyrics to set the tone. They leave no time go to waste with that as the title track is the opener and gives us an extensive exhibition to their combination of that Melodic Death and Power Metal. Sometimes it could even draw to a bit hysteria, but who does not like a bit of cliché every once in a while.

Then they simply go into a darker sound. Mixing it up with some catchiness again. The band is all over the place. Must be said, they make it work. You do not have the feeling that they simply threw random stuff together, it does sound like a unity.

Altogether this new Brymir release does sound like a rollercoaster ride. One that you have been queuing for long time and then is over way too fast. Worth the time, something to try and experience.


Line up:
  • Viktor Gullichsen – Vocals
  • Joona Björkroth – Guitar
  • Sean Haslam – Guitar
  • Jarkko Niemi – Bass
  • Patrik Fält – Drums


  1. Voices in the Sky
  2. Forged in War
  3. Fly With Me
  4. Herald of Aegir
  5. Rift Between Us
  6. Landfall
  7. Borderland
  8. Far From Home
  9. Seeds of Downfall
  10. All as One
  11. Diabolis Interium