4 December 2022

SoulCarrion – Infernal Agony

Releasedate:   2022
Label:  Godz OV War Production

Soulcarrion is a Polish formation maing Death Metal. While being formed in 2019 they dont have much years on the counter. “Infernal Agony”, their release from this year, is the band’s first full length.

A debut for the guys, who took their time to record it. and now we have it we get it opened with an agressive bite to it. No need to waste time, “Piles of Ashes” sets the tone. This feel will maintain through the entire record, so don’t expect much of a breather in between. They do throw in some solo here and there, the guitars are surely giving their shine to their sound.

More remarkable is “Revenge Is Mine” which has a progressing intensity and combined with some blast beat the guys are all for the brutality. It is clear that they want to go after that, but what they lack is a certain personality of themselves. It is a lot of the same, like the tracks are much made in the same template. A shame, for they could certainly set something down with the riffs they put in. It is their debut album, so it seems like they are not fully formed and founded. In this first release you find a band searching for themselves while repeating what they found their direction.

Some years, some playing and they can set us up with something interesting. “Infernal Agony” is a start on the way of growth of SoulCarrion.

Line up:

  • Sibila – Vocals (Session)
  • Greg – Guitars
  • Michal ­ Guitars, Bass, Drum programming


  1. Piles Of Ashes
  2. Realm Of Pain
  3. Depth Of Fear
  4. Oblivion
  5. Revenge Is Mine
  6. Cage Of Nothingness
  7. Infernal Agony
  8. Night Ceremony
  9. World Of Putridity