Corrupter – Descent Into Madness

Releasedate:   11-02-2022
Label:  Godz ov War Productions

Corrupter is a French formation, exist out of a duo, making Death Metal. The two are releasing their debut album called “Decent Into Madness” this year.

The fact that this is a project with two members is not something that becomes apparent right away. From the beginning of the album you are presented with a wall of sound thundering over you. The band does not hold back on brutality and that sets the tone. Sometimes you see that bands are using this as a compensation for something else lacking but Corrupter surely brings some skills with them. You could argue that they could bring in a slight bit variation so the songs are not blending together as much as they do now, but considering the fact that this is their first release it is simply a thing you know they can work on.
Looking at tracks like “No Life Here” or “Darkest Light” you see that the band does play a bit with the tempo, and where they here give some more shine to guitars production wise the finest moments are to enjoy.

Altogether they have fabricated an interest first release. Corrupter knows what they are doing and in what direction they want to put it. An attractive vision to begin with.


Line up:
  • M – Vocals, Guitar, Drums
  • J – Bass Guitar


  1. End of the Rope
  2. Darkest Light
  3. Into the Hearse
  4. No Life Here
  5. Horror and Aftermath
  6. Not Enough to Harm
  7. A Mistaken Anointing of the Sick
  8. Home for the Dead
  9. Descent Into Madness