Burntfield – Impermanence

Releasedate:   12-11-2021
Label:  Progressive gears

Burntfield is a formation started in Finland but currently based in The Netherlands. A debut full length came out in 2018 and the band has now returned with a new album. It is called “Impermanence” and it is out now.

Just as the previous release the album is easy to listen too, it has a calm vibe to it and is never going too wild, yet it seems that there is a difference with this release. The band brought a bit more variation in it, Some parts being more timid that the others, a guest vocalist in the track “Something Real”. In “Back Again” you may hear a far resemblance to Ihsahn in the vocals. An interesting thing, as Burntfield is never going that heavy as Ihsahn does. You could see their music being a mix of Prog, Alternative Rock with a slight Pop edge.
In “The Light” builds slowly towards their climax and breaks it off a bit abrupt at the end, after which you slide into the heartfelt “Thank You For Everything”.

The album ends with the beautiful, instrumental track “Everything will change” which starts with some keys and slowly evolves to a passionate piece with a dreamy atmosphere.

Overall the album is somewhat gloomy, but brings you a bit more vibrant side to Burntfield. A nice release that serves us well at the end of this miserable music year.


Line up:
  • Juho Myllylä / vocals, guitars
  • Maarten Vos / bass
  • Steven Favier / drums


  1. Empty Dream
  2. Back Again
  3. Trust in You
  4. Something Real
  5. The Light
  6. Thank You for Everything
  7. Impermanence
  8. Everything Will Change