Marco Mattei – Out of Control

Releasedate:   19-11-2021
Label:  Third Star Records

Marco Mattei is a Songwriter from Italy making Prog music. He currently releases gis debut album “Out of Control. It is available now.

Although Marco collaborated with a variation of artist the essence of what he wants to show are calm and diverse songs. Where a song like “Picture In A Frame” are a bit hectic, there are for example also some instrumental tracks on this release which show a different side of Marco. Then there is the Folky “I’ll Be Born” and the song “Lullaby For You”, which we rather skip, against it.

A lot of variation which sometimes makes it hard to find the binding factor between them. A pity, for most of the songs are individually pleasant to listen to. The artist himself says the concept around the release is about things we cannot control. Perhaps that is the connection we are looking for.

Looking for a highlight in the release we come to a song called “Anymore” where the song gains a bit more power. The raw edge of it gives the album the excitement it needs.

Altogether Marco Mattei released a fine first album, that leaves some room to grow. The songs seem well thought but is the overall vision of the album strong enough to come across? We think there we can see some opportunities for a future release.


Marco Mattei


1. Would I Be Me
2. Picture in a Frame
3. More Intense
4. I’ll Be Born
5. Lullaby for You
6. Anymore
7. Tomorrow
8. Void
9. On Your Side
10. After Tomorrow
11. Hidden Gems
12. Gone