23 September 2021
Ethan Gold

Ethan Gold – Earth City 1: The Longing

Releasedate:  11-06-2021
Label: Gold Records

Ethan Gold is an American Singer-songwriter that has been around for a decade. Now he is releasing his second full length album, the first one out of a trilogy. It is called “Earth City 1: The Longing”.

Poppy music with songs taken from life. The life of a wanderer who seeks and observes. Connections and feelings are central as well as the slight frustrations that seem to cross his path. From “Pretty Girls” to “Terese” there are various wasys of looking towards these topics described in the songs. You can listen to them with ease as well as thinking about them a bit deeper, serving your different needs.

The ballad “Living Without You” tends to be a bit cliché but eventually elvolves into a bit more of a surprise. However, there comes the point that you would wonder how Ethan would suit in a different genre. Could be a good match with some poppunk with that voice. But one goes wherever the heart is, so we hope.

As this is a part one, it leads us to the question how the other two parts are going to fill in the picture painted on this first part. The longing… leads to what? A fulfilled desire or a disappointment. It is clear that more needs to follow, a cliffhanger it is ,with “In New York” Ethan Gold is not leaving you with a finished piece. Some more patience though, it is planned for 2022.


Ethan Gold
  1. Bright & Lonely City
  2. Alexandria & Me
  3. Our Love Is Beautiful
  4. It’s Never Enough
  5. Storm Coming
  6. Pretty Girls
  7. Firefly
  8. Living Without You
  9. Terese
  10. It’s Okay, Sid
  11. In New York