23 September 2021

Ruadh – Eternal

Releasedate: 09-07-2021
Label: Northern Silence Productions

The Scottish/Celtic black metal band Ruadh is back with the 3rd album called “Eternal”, which is out now via Northern Silence Productions.

“Eternal” consists of five tracks, with each song representing different points of the wheel of the year and one to tie it all together. As with the previous releases, the elements of nature play a huge role in this release and adds a nice touch to the overall concept.

The atmospheric arrangements combined with the harmony of clean and harsh vocals is my musical highlight of this album, as this is the essence of Ruadh. I also got a bit of Bathory, Primordial, NWOBHM/power metal as well as post-BM influences here and there, which makes this release quite interesting.

As much as I enjoyed the concept and the tunes overall, “Eternal” did not really bring anything new or extraordinary to the table. I always look for sparks or surprising elements and “Eternal” lacked this for me. To each their own though, maybe you will enjoy “Eternal” and it will grow on you! I will keep an eye on future releases of Ruadh and recommend “Eternal” to the lovers of atmospheric black metal in general.

01. Break of Dawn
02. Let the Pagan Fire Burn
03. Harvest
04. Fade to Grey
05. The Wheel