23 September 2021
The Wallflowers

The Wallflowers – Exit Wounds

Releasedate:  09-07-2021
Label: New West Records

The Wallflowers are a Rock band that has been around for quite some years. Their most known numbers are dating back to the 90’s but the band is still active and with a new release called “Exit Wounds” they aim to get back in the picture.

The previous release is almost a decade ago, but the guys are picking up where they left off. Rockmusic with a catchy side and a bit of country weaved in. This release is one that seems quite stable. The songs are much in line with each other and there is not too much of a surprise to be found here. But that stable side is giving the album a certain ease. It suits well for various moments and you can imagine listening it a tad bit more often than you anticipated at first. Perhaps that is its strength, for it does not need any glamour for it to be a success.
If you have to finda song that jumps out most it is probably the duet “Darlin’ Hold On” for it smore captivating way of using the vocals.

Altogether The Wallflowers have made a fine release. Don’t expect a spectacle but simply music that listens with ease, sometimes a bit on the dark side and sometimes a bit more free but never straying too far from its path.

  1. Maybe Your Heart’s Not In It No More
  2. Roots and Wings
  3. I Hear The Ocean( When I Wanna Hear Trains)
  4. The Dive Bar In My Heart
  5. Darlin’ Hold On
  6. Move The River
  7. I’ll Let YouDown (But Will Not Give you Up)
  8. Wrong End of the Spear
  9. Who’s That Man Walking ‘Round My Garden
  10. The Daylight Between Us