The Treatment – Waiting for Good Luck

Releasedate: 09.04.2021
Label: Frontiers Music

The Treatment ’s story started in 2008 in Cambridge, England. Since then after several changes of line-up, the band released five albums. The last one was out in April 2021.

Waiting For Good Luck contains twelve tracks with explosive flashbacks from the golden age of hard and heavy genre. Good for all of us, fulfillment of irrepressible rock vibes is on its max. But first things first.

The starter Rat Race dived into dangerous adventure of unstoppable race literally. There is the first step to guarantee that the album got a real chance to be memorable. Go further to the ladder of awesomeness we point at two tracks that are unbelievable reminders of AC/DC legacy. There is Vampress (less familiar) and Hold Fire (more). The album is full of rocket fuel’s energy, and Hold Fire is one of the evidences: killer riffs and catchy refrain. I should say, all the refrains of the album are catchy. Try not to sing: “give me something to believe in” during and after listening to Tough kid. More to say, there is a glimpse of hope that rock and roll pearls still exist in the shells. If we shifted focus from fire to water analogies, here is unhurriedly swaying sea in the piano accompaniment and softy voice in Barman. Another example with hidden potential is Devil In The Detail which covers you of forbidden feelings. “Don’t you know, the devil’s in the details”. Don’t you?

Honestly, I can mention every song, because Treatment’s album is a gift. And there is definitely something to believe it. Rock on and thank you.

Line up:

Tom Rampton – Vocals
Dhani Mansworth – Drums
Tagore Grey – Guitars
Tao Grey – Guitar and Bass Guitar

the treatment

01. Rat Race
02. Take It Or Leave It
03. Lightning In A Bottle
04. Vampress
05. Eyes On You
06. No Way Home
07. Devil In The Detail
08. Tough Kid
09. Hold Fire
10. Barman
11. Let’s Make Money
12. Wrong Way