DarWin 3 – Unplugged

Releasedate: 16-04-2021
Label: Origin of Species

DarWin is a songwriter Who collected a bunch of musicians around for the release of his music. The debutalbum “Origin Of Species” came out a few years ago and last year he was back with a brand new album called “DarWin 2: A Frozen War”. 2021 is leading to album DarWin 3 which is named “ Unplugged” and it is available now.

The progressive project returns with a collection of songs that are orchestral/unplugged. Sometimes give you a bit of an old Disney feeling for it being quite dreamy. “Escape The Maze” has the piano being such a leader, which certainly helps toward that feeling. Some fans have heard this before, the tracks were bonus material before.

Not a whole lot of vocals are to be heard, which is fine. It gives you an opportunity to use your imagination and focus on the details that are so finely inter weaved in the sound. The beautiful “Rise” is showing us a calm song with a great orchestration onto it. Subtle but so effective. These tracks were made with time and they never go out towards an extreme epicness that becomes overwhelming. That modesty makes this album even more pleasant to listen to.

Overall we can safely say that this another release that the fans will enjoy. A standalone release of material that could have been kept in the dark, but now has a special place to shine. And well deserved. DarWin 3 is a good one to add to your collection.

DarWin 3
  1. Escape the Maze (Orchestral)
  2. Nightmare of My Dreams (Orchestral)
  3. Slowly Melting (Unplugged)
  4. Forever (Orchestral):
  5. One Horizon (Unplugged)
  6. Rise (Orchestral)
  7. Last Chance (Orchestral)
  8. Another Year (Acapella)