Alkerdeel - Slonk

Alkerdeel – Slonk

Label: Consouling Sounds
Releasedate: 05-02-2021

The Belgian Black Metal formation Alkerdeel released their album “Lede” 5 years ago. Anno 2021 they thought it time for the release of a new one. The album “Slonk” is out and available right now.

It’s been a while since the last one of Alkerdeel was on my desk, but it’s good to see one now. The confidential sound that I got to know them from is still there, yet a few refinements are certainly made. The Belgian dialect they use is still there and with the pounding tones of “Vier” marching over you, the band hurries to make their point. A train, fast and unreliable in it’s schedule you could say.

The band does not like to be predictable, “Eirde” is showing you that you can be surprised. The vocals are giving a bit more vehemence than before but looking at the bigger picture it is only a track building up to whatever is after it. “Zop” it is, going in full rage towards a bit more slower parts, variation that at this point you did not see coming but is nice to give yourself some moments to catch your breath. You’ll need it, for the last track on this release is certainly the highlight of all.


The refinement we spoke of before comes forward in slight details. The way the drums are just a slight bit more present in the whole mix. The variation the band has put into it and also in the vocals who never cease to impress in “Slonk”.

So we can come to the conclusion the band has worked hard on this release, “Slonk” is an album that is intense and you want to keep listening it some extra times as there is so much to hear that you simply need to invest some time into it. But altogether it is a good release in line of their previous ones.

Line up:

Nieke – Drums
Pui – Guitars
Pede – Vocals
QW – Bass

Alkerdeel - Slonk


  1. Vier
  2. Eirde
  3. Zop
  4. Trok