21 October 2021

Alpha Boys – Saviours of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Label: Sliptrick Records
Releasedate: 21-01-2021

“Saviours of Rock ‘n’ Roll” is the debut album from the Swedish band Alpha boys. This album seems to be dedicated to partying a la Motörhead but with a humor and attitude that resonates with our inner 17 year old bro that just wants to drink beer with his bros (no girls allowed), masturbate and listen to heavy metal until the world ends.

At first this album reminded me of some thrash bands that I used to like back in the day like Tankard or Municipal Waste but with an easier to listen punk feel to it. As I listened closer to the lyrics I noticed they took the subject matter from those aforementioned bands to an even more elevated sense of fun and ridiculousness with a sense of humor that seems to be brought back in time from the mid 90s by the Swedes.

The songs

Some of the songs that kick off the album allude to drinking to save the world, a boys club only and a Star wars play on words reference that seems so reused and immature that actually is quite funny. ‘Current report’ is the first turning point on this album as it changes things into a more mature sound, at least sonically speaking. The vocal melodies and added keys give it a more produced feel compared to the first songs.

Funny enough I was also sent from heaven on a november of 1987 just like the savior that had heavy metal running through his veins from the song ‘JC’, as soon as I heard this gospel within the bridge of this song followed by the catchiest guitar riff in the whole album I was hooked.

After a few songs that go deeper into various subjects, we go back to the main bro way of life, and that is of course, getting wasted, “Drunk on a Sunday” is the return to form of this album, a reminder for us to not forget what’s really important here.


I appreciated that they had a Thrash tune thrown in almost at the end of the album, ‘Too smart to be sober’ is a tip of the hat to those bands that normalised the combination of heavy metal and the glorification of beer drinking, Tankard comes to mind.

The last track ‘Alpha boys’ ends things with a sentimental twist. I’m sure the motivation for the sad piano keys towards the end was an unexpected random twist that has nothing to do with the rest of the album, I find that quite humorous, even if that was not their original intent, I have to say, well done!

Overall, this album took me back to my formative years which I spent dwelling on most of the topics discussed on this album. I feel like they can take the humor to an even higher level and truly solidify that as their signature. I will be looking forward to their following album as I am positively curious where they will go with their sound and message.

Line up:

  • AlphaFill – Vocals
  • Downie Dave – Guitar
  • Jonny Apendix – Guitar
  • Üntforzer – Bass
  • Zub-Zemen – Drums

Track list:
A1 To War
A2 No Girls Allowed
A3 A Fucking King
A4 Han(d) Solo
A5 Current Report
B1 Georgina W. Butch
B3 Drunk On A Sunday
B4 Too Smart To Be Sober
B5 Alpha Boys