27 November 2021

Ektomorf – Reborn

Label: Napalm Records
Releasedate: 22-01-2021

Ektomorf is a Hungarian metal band that has been formed in 1994. The band released fourteen albums so far and is releasing their latest called “Reborn” in 2021.

The band made an album full of thrash songs. Those who know Ektomorf ‘s previous releases know that the band has been coming from other genres and quite naturally evolved through the years. So to date the band has more of a vicious bite to it. The songs feel more directed to you than ever.

“The Worst Is Yet To Come” is sticking out for its haunting atmosphere, the band is creating the setting of evil in this song and when the riffs start coming in you know instantly this is the song you remember most from this release.

The instrumental “Forsaken” is also one that draws attention. It is quite a lengthy track, 7 minutes on the counter, and with closer “Smashing The Past” it seems the band has set their statement.

Ektomorf is leaving their past behind and keeps evolving. With this release they seem to be stronger than ever. “Reborn” is a fine release that fans of bands like Testament and Exodus will appreciate. It is a pity we can’t see them on tour right now, but hopefully the band gets a chance to show this album live.

Line up:

  • Zoltán Farkas – Vocals, Guitar
  • Szebasztián Simon – Guitar
  • Csaba Zahorán – Bass
  • Kàlmàn Olàh – Drums

Track list:

  1. Ebullition
  2. Reborn
  3. And the Dead Will Walk
  4. Fear Me
  5. Where the Hate Conceives
  6. The Worst is Yet to Come
  7. Forsaken
  8. Smashing the Past