Grafjammer – De Zoute Kwel

Label: Folter Records
Releasedate: 18-12-2020

Grafjammer is a Black Metal formation from Utrecht, Netherlands. They founded in 2007 and with their lyrics in Dutch they have found themselves an audience. At the end of 2020 they released their third full length album called “De Zoute Kwel”.

The sound of this band makes me think a bit of Impaled Nazarenne. The Finnish band seemed somewhat an influence on the Dutchies. Also, the band does not stay too strict within their genre. And that makes the album one with plenty variation in it. A bit of punk, a bit of Thrash and a lot of Grafjammer. Because allthough the band does not make the sound something you have not heard before, they do know to put their own twist to it.

“De Bijlman Van Trecht” is one of the tracks that stands out. The vocals here make it very straightforward and makes you wonder how they could have that in a live situation be the one that makes people decide to stick with this band.

Surprising is also “De Bakboordshand” where the guys have added accordeon, played by Heidevolk’s Jacco de Wijs, something that you would not immediately expect but proves to be a great addition. It is done with style.

Altogether this release by Grafjammer is suiting us very well. It is a pity they cannot go out and play live, because with this album into their discography there should be plenty more people that would enjoy it. These guys are on the go!

Line up:

  • Jelle – Bass
  • Jorre – vocals
  • Jeroen – Guitars
  • Jouter – Guitars
  • Jahwe- Drums
  1. Jajempriester
  2. Affreus. Infaam. Abject.
  3. Zelfverminkers & spiritusdrinkers
  4. De bijlman van trecht
  5. De bakboordshand
  6. Bijbelgordelgesel
  7. De kinderen branden
  8. Maak het kort
  9. Kolkgat