Holy Mother

HOLY MOTHER – Face this burn

Label: Massacre Records
Releasedate: 22-01-2021

The New York-located HOLY MOTHER was founded in 1994. This year the band returns after long radio silence with seventh studio album.

First of all, it’s a solid heavy metal comeback, and I’ll try to explain why. The starter, Face this burn, punches to the guts with its drive. On the contrary, No death reborn has crawling riffs and touching voice. If interested, check the videos for mentioned songs.

Pointed at some analogies, I’d like to introduce several tracks you would like too. Today is a running track in any kind of this sentence. The main rhythm looped, and you only can run from start to finish and even further. If you forgot how to “run for your life”, you can feel the familiar odor in Legends, which is dark and heroic at the same time. Other recognizable vibes are heard in The river. The track made the record worth listening with unstoppable dive in epic heavy metal.

On the other hand, there are less powerful but still interesting tracks. For example, Prince of the garden and Mesmerized by hate could be mentioned for some oriental charm and untypical elements of metal.

If one quote could describe the album, then it would be “everything burns”. Look at the cover.

Line up:

Mike Tirelli – vocals
Jim Harris – drums
Greg Giordano – guitar
Russell Pzütto – bass

Holy Mother

01. Face this burn
02. Love is dead
03. Legends
04. No death reborn 
05. The truth
06. Prince of the garden
07. Wake up America
08. Mesmerized by hate
09. Today
10. The river
11. Superstar