Sagenland – Oale Groond

Label: Heidens Hart Records
Releasedate: 15-01-2021

Sagenland is a Dutch Black Metal formation coming from Twente region. The band was formed in 2001 but other than a split no releases were made. Anno 2021 it is time for a debut. The band has released “Oale Groond” and it is available now.

After we reviewed Grafjammer a few days ago, another Black Metal band that has its lyrics in Dutch is here with an album. Twente has a dialect and it is interesting to hear it in Black Metal, a first for me I think.

The lyrics are from a pagan background, based on stories and poetry of the local area. Musically the band Agalloch is mentioned as an influence and when listening to the album, that makes sense. A melodic feel is to it, but with proper tempo and screeching vocals you can get the atmosphere that they were after,

The band gives us two songs that follow each other. “De Jammerklachten Van Singraven – eerste deel” is a quite harsh, building up and drags you into it but when you get to “- tweede deel” the band is starting it much calmer, which makes the connection to the first one not so obvious.

“Botte Bijlen” is a track that is standing out most. It seems that it has a bit of a catchy angle and therefore the one I remembered most on this tracklist.

Altogether Sagenland has given us a fine release. I think here and there it needs a bit more refinement, to put some more stress to details which makes the whole come out stronger even. But “Oale Groond” is one that sets it up for them, one to keep an eye on.

Line up:

  • Floris Velthuis – Bass, drums, vocals
  • Arjen – Guitars, vocals


  1. Weer thuus
  2. De jammerklachten van Singraven – eerste deel
  3. De jammerklachten van Singraven – tweede deel
  4. Veur de leu van vrogger
  5. Bladval
  6. In ‘t bos
  7. Van eigen land
  8. Botte bijlen
  9. ‘t Leste gedicht (Twentse earde)
  10. Terug noar et laand van aleer