22 September 2023

Burden – A Hole In The Shell

Releasedate: 15-11-2010; Label: Ván Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Burden is a band from Germany making Stoner rock. The band started in 2008 but is now releasing their debut full length album “A Hole In The Shell”.

Stoner rock with a slight edge of Doom, a combination that’s often seen, but Burden is one that has the potential in the pocket. As a bit of variation the tempo is faster than you might have expected when the Doom label came on it. Though don’t expect a speeding ticket with their name on it. The guitars are most responsible for the everlasting misery where you get dragged into. Vocals, by Thorsten, are raw, a bit of a raw rock edge rather than going into the deepest range of his voice. He has quite some tricks on his name bringing a lot of variation with the different ways he uses his voice. The songs have a good construction, building on in various moments of ego for either one of them or else give an explosion of music by all of them, but just as it comes it goes as well. It is not like it is building to a climax, it is more like teasing at all. Only one thing would be missing in this album and that might be a theme song to the band self. Due the variation in the songs, it would be nice to have that trademark song that has Burden all over it, but we couldn’t find one. Fine enough, doesn’t matter for now, there is plenty to enjoy.

Line Up:
Thorsten – Vocals
Saint D – Guitar
Marcus – Guitar
Johnny – Bass
Dave – Drums

01. Bless The Broken
02. Done With Denial
03. Black Room
04. Man Of No Account
05. About The Veil And The Wound
06. The Slug. The Drag. The Misery.
07. Stampede
08. Process (Into Nothing)
09. The Fool
10. Conflict
11. Hidden Track

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