Sodom – In War and Pieces

Releasedate: 22-11-2010; Label: SPV/Steamhammer
By: Sabine van Gameren

The German Thrash Metal formation Sodom have not stayed unnoticed in the metalscene. Being around for almost thirty years and 13 studio albums, the band have created themselves quite a legacy. Their latest release is called “In War and Pieces” and is out now. .

After such a long time of existence, it is almost unthinkable a band will bring something radically different than before, which Sodom did not choose for either. As always the band remained with what they are used to and that what brought them their fame. Though after all these years they still know how to get a listener fascinated. Variability is the key to their success. Find it in the riffs, find in the vocals, find it everywhere. Some of the grunts meet Death, others turn into a different direction and this is exactly why the band is still relevant. “In War and Pieces” is an album that does not experiment, but gives you worth your money. Songs like “Through Toxic Vains” and “Feigned Death Throes” are songs that typically represent the band and this album. Four year, they let us wait for it. Let’s hope the next one will come sooner than that.

Line Up:
Tom Angelripper (Thomas Such) – Vocals, Bass
Konrad “Bobby” Schottkowski – Drums
Bernemann (Bernd Kost) – Guitar

01. In War and Pieces
02. Hellfire
03. Through Toxic Veins
04. Nothing Counts More Than Blood
05. Storm Raging Up
06. Feigned Death Throes
07. Soul Contraband
08. God Bless You
09. The Art of Killing Poetry
10. Knarrenheinz
11. Styptic Parasite

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