26 November 2022


Label: Ván Records
Releasedate: 30-06-2020

TAV was founded in Germany in 2017 and plays atmospheric rock music. Venturing beyond traditional musical borders, the band brings together different styles and merges them in minimalistic patterns, blurring the conventional structure of songs. “I” is the first full-length album and it is out now.

Atmospheric music is not an easy style to craft or to experiment with. There might be two extremes to it; either the songs become too long and repetitive, or the bands overdo the atmosphere and disrupt the ambiance. Luckily and interestingly, none of these exist in I. Right from the start, the album lures you in with the melodic riffs that stay in your head and the vocals delivering that dark atmosphere. This is a very strong highlight which the listeners will feel stronger in some songs like A Beggar’s Dream of Death and Cinder. With this atmosphere and the slow rhythm overall, you are guaranteed to go out on a spiritual journey.

When it comes to the style and the sound, the band follows an indeed goes beyond the musical borders and experiments with diverse genres, with post rock on the spotlight – while keeping the arrangements, composition and production in good quality. The music is neither too ‘harsh’ or too ‘mellow’ but the sound is just perfect enough to take in the music and chill. However, this is not an ‘easy’ releases as with almost all atmospheric records, the songs are relatively long…so take your time with this and enjoy the ride.

Long story short, kudos to TAV for such a beautiful and dark album. Definitely recommended to the lovers of atmospheric music and post rock (e.g. Alcest or Urfaust).


01. Boundless Gaol
02. Umbilical Cord
03. Beggar’s Dream of Death
04. Silken Slumber
05. Snow Upon Our Graves
06. Cinder