25 May 2024

Ill Niño – Dead New World

Releasedate: 29-10-2010; Label: Victory, AFM
By: Nina Mende

Ill Niño (typeset in lowercase as ill niño due to certain fonts having lowercase L and uppercase I resemble each other) is an American six-piece Latin metal band from New Jersey founded in 1998. So far they have six albums released. Now their latest album “Dead New World” has just been released.

Fans had been waiting for this one for two long years and now it finally was released. The new Ill Niño album comes with twelve new tracks. Metal music with classic Spanish elements and a great voice come right at you. Spanish and English lyrics along with awesome riffs and catchy melodies make every muscle in you twitch. Extremely catchy tunes can be found on “The Art Of War”, “Against The Wall”, “If You Were Me”, “How Could I believe”. “Ritual” is a very Latin song including Spanish acoustic guitar before the bass starts blasting off. This awesome new album by Ill Niño was definitely worth the wait. “Dead New World” is an awesome and powerful album not only for head bangers but also for the rockers amongst you. The album includes a Smashin Pumkins cover. Enjoy the awesome new album by Ill Niño. “Dead New World” is out now!

Line Up:
Cristian Machado – lead vocals)
Diego Verduzco – rhythm guitars
Ahrue Luster – lead guitars
Lazaro Pina – bass guitars)
Dave Chavarri – drums
Daniel Couto – percussion

01. God Is Only For The Dead
02. The Art Of War
03. Against The Wall
04. Mi Revolucion
05. Bleed Like You
06. Serve The Grave
07. If You Were Me
08. Ritual
09. Killing You, Killing Me
10. How Could I Believe
11. Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
12. Scarred (My Prison)

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