24 June 2024

Pure Inc. – IV

Releasedate: 29-10-2010; Label: Headstrong Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Hailing from Switzerland, something they love to tell you over and over, comes Pure Inc. Switzerland seems to be quite known with the hard rockers, but now it is time for the rest of the world to experience their new release called “IV”

To give an idea what to expect you can easily pick up the quote that comes from their very own website: “10 grams of Led Zeppelin, 20 grams of Black Label Society, 30 grams of Alice in Chains, 40 grams of Soundgarden”. This quite a solid description though here and there some experimenting is in the music as well. It has that typical classic sound but here and there some modern elements are woven into it, which states they have not been stuck in the past. What stands out is the way the band chosen to come up with different tempo’s. Sometimes take a step back to let the listener catch some breath, to burst out to fundamental and yet vertiginous rage of vehemencity and instrumental rage. The band self does never lose their touch with the catchiness though. In songs like “Blood Runs Black” vocalist Gianni makes a slight suggestion that he would fit into some metal core band also, but listening more, it is obvious that we rather see him here at Pure Inc. A versatile album, that from the start to the end is solid, does not really know weak moments. A good release for the hard rock fan.

Line Up:
Gianni Pontillo – Vocals
Sandro Pellegrini – Guitar
David Preissel – Drums
Ueli Hofstetter – Bass

01. Once Upon A Time
02. Blood Runs Black
03. Fading To Grey
04. F.U.C.K
05. My Riverbed
06. Diary Of A Suicidal Man (Open Road)
07. Number 7
08. Take Me Away
09. To The Rhythm
10. Sexxells
11. Beyond The Universe

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