23 July 2024

Star One – Victims of The Modern Age

Releasedate: 01-11-2010; Label: InsideOut Music
By: Sabine van Gameren

Star One is a project by Arjen Lucassen, the man who got name via various projects like Ayreon and Vengeance but also stood ground to the band Stream of Passion. “Victims of The Modern Age” is the second studio album under the name of Star One.

This album comes with the confidential sound of what has been heard before, Arjen took the same line up for this album as used in the 2002 release “Space Metal”. As before, this album got inspiration out of science-fiction films, but a fan of Arjen’s work might also recognize the theme of digital periods from the latest Ayreon album. Though, it are male vocals that have the overhand, where in that Ayreon release it was more balanced. Vehemence guitars, of course accompanied by synths all over, getting the instruments played by the persons who know how to work with them. Arjen is the guy that knows how to keep control of them, to not make them overdo their capabilities. Where in these musicians original bands you often have the fact if you like that specific element that they bring in is very deciding for how much you like the band’s music, in albums like these it comes in perfect shape and well dosed. That will always be the strength of Arjen’s projects, but in this new Star One project he proves once again that he can besides sticking to the usual template also come out surprising, by adding some faster parts for example. The end of “Human See, Human Do” is one of these moments that exhibit the typical edge that comes with Star One above what we are more used to from Ayreon. The devilish side, even more imagination to be there for you.
An interesting album, perfect in line with what has been done before, but different enough to bring you something more than you already have if you are a fan.

Sir Russell Allen
Damian Wilson
Dan Swanö
Floor Jansen

Arjen Anthony Lucassen – guitars, Hammond, Mellotron, Minimoog, Solina strings
Ed Warby – drums
Peter Vink – bass
Joost van den Broek – keyboard solos
Gary Wehrkamp – guitar solos

Special guest vocalists:
Tony Martin
Mike Andersson
Rodney Blaze

01. Down The Rabbit Hole
02. Digital Rain
03. Earth That Was
04. Victim Of The Modern Age
05. Human See, Human Do
06. 24 Hours
07. Cassandra Complex
08. It’s Alive, She’s Alive, We’re Alive
09. It All Ends Here

Star One Official