29 January 2023

King's X – Live Love In London

Releasedate: 22-10-2010; Label: InsideOut
By: Sabine van Gameren

King’s X is a progressive rock band known for combining a whole lot of styles in their music. The band released twelve studio albums and “Live Love London” is their DVD/livealbum release.

Besides the dvd there is also a double cd included in the package which contains live recordings as well. Plenty of a live experience to get from these guys as it seems. The guys are definitely not the most straightforward ones, it is not much of a confidential feeling the music brings, but as this contains live recordings, you can hear the audience feeling more part of it. As the promo does not supply visual media, it is hard to get an imagination of what these guys bring to the atmosphere by the way they perform. The quality of the recorded material seem not to be the best one, which gives the difference between an smoothly produced album next to what the guys bring in when they are live clearly visible. For fans, it is obviously a must to get the DVD as they might get a better memory out of that than just hearing the live albums. These are a bit disappointing as they just don’t bring what a live album could bring. If you did not know the band, this live album is not one that will get you into them. Perhaps see them live for real, or try a studio album, but this one won’t satisfy anyone else than just a diehard collecting fan.

Line Up:
Ty Tabor – Guitars, vocals
Dug Pinnick – Bass, vocals
Jerry Gaskill – Drums, vocals

1. Groove Machine
2. Alright
3. pleiades
4. Move
5. What Is This?
6. Lost In Germany
7. Black Flag
8. Pray
9. Dogman
10. Go Tell Somebody
11. Julie
12. Looking For Love
13. Summerland
14. Over My Head
15. It’s Love
16. We Were Born To Be Loved
17. Goldilox
18. Visions
19. Moanjam

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