26 November 2022

Senses Fail – The Fire

Releasedate: 26-10-2010; Label: Vagrant Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Senses Fail is a band coming from New Jersey, USA. They makes some Post Hardcore music and “The Fire” is their new album.

What I noticed first is the positive and happy attitude that seems to be over this album. A true feel good feeling, while there are still tough issues brought to the subject. The band brings some great choruses, those who know the band longer will notice how much vocalist James Nielsen have grown through the years and made yet another progress on “The Fire”. This can be found for example in a song as “Lifeboats” where the screams turn out to be more powerful next to the cleaner vocals than ever before. On the instrumental side the band have stayed true to what they did on their previous releases. They tried to built on to what they had chosen to go with and this seem to fit them very well. An interesting decision, it has been a winning factor before, but perhaps it would be a bit more exciting if the guys would have taken a risk with it and gave a little more experimenting with these instrumentals. Nevertheless, the album is from good quality and fans may buy it without being disappointed. We can keep on with it, but secretly we hope for a bit more playfulness in the next release, a step away from the confidential things just to see what else these guys are up to. Who knows where it brings them?!

Line Up:
James “Buddy” Nielsen – lead vocals
Garrett Zablocki – guitars, backing vocals
Zack Roach – guitars, backing vocals
Jason Black – bass guitar
Dan Trapp – drums, percussion

01. The Fire
02. Saint Anthony
03. New Years Eve
04. Safe House
05. Coward
06. Landslide
07. Headed West
08. Lifeboats
09. Nero
10. Irish Eyes
11. Hold On

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