19 April 2024

Spiritual Beggars – Return To Zero

Releasedate: 30-08-2010; Label: InsideOut
By: Sabine van Gameren

The Swedish hard rock band Spiritual Beggars has been around since 1992. A long line of releases followed, “Return To Zero” being the seventh studio full length release of them.

During their existence the band had done two different vocalists, but since 2010 it is Apollo Papathanasio that joined the band for vocal duties. This man seem to fit in the band as he has always been here. Though his vocals are not what really attracts the attention. Michael Amott is the guitarist and he lets himself be heard. It seems so subtle but these riffs of him really set the tone in the music, whether it is the modest sound in the background or the more powerful solo’s, Michael is somehow there to be noticed. Even though the classical rock influences are into their music this doesn’t come with the overkill on guitar which shows that Michael knows exactly when to hold back. The instrumental parts are perfectly balanced on the album. As a little remark on this you can find yourself to be hold back in tempo. It never really comes with a lot of tempo changes and the songs are similar. A little more power, a catchy refrain like for example Shinedown has in their songs would bring the songs to something that sticks in mind a bit longer.
Nevertheless, “Return To Zero” is a decent album that fans of the band can buy without hesitating too much. It suits in the line of their previous releases.

Line Up:
Apollo Papathanasio – Vocals
Michael Amott – Guitars
Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass
Per Wiberg – Keyboards, Piano, Organ
Ludwig Witt – Drums

01. Return To Zero [Intro]
02. Lost In Yesterday
03. Star Born
04. The Chaos Of Rebirth
05. We Are Free
06. Spirit Of The Wind
07. Coming Home
08. Concrete Horizon
09. A New Dawn Rising
10. Believe In Me
11. Dead Weight
12. The Road Less Travelled
13. Time To Live

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