24 June 2024

Sons of Liberty – Brush-Fires of The Mind

Releasedate: 12-07-2010; Label: Century Media
By: Elvira Visser

It was time for an album with a political statement. A band formed to convey a message. With this in mind Jon Schaffer formed a solo project, a band called Sons of Liberty where he plays almost all instruments. The album “Brush-Fires Of The Mind” is a project to gain awareness rather then the sell a lot of band merchandising and albums. It is created to tell other people about a pattern of global banking corruption that is going on in this word. To gain this awareness Jon chose a historically relevant band name and he made a website that can be used to find and spread information. He hopes to spread awareness about the topic he feels strongly about. According to Schaffer, “the site promises to be a think-tank containing lots of interesting web-links, book and movie recommendations, and much more. The goal is to wake people up and to get them to start researching and talking with each other. Knowledge is power”.

You might know Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth where he is the creative one, this is something you can hear on this album. It is in-line with the Iced Earth sound. Although it is more rock-like. It is the stamp he puts on the Iced earth albums that you can hear on this album as well. A difference between Iced Earth and Sons of Liberty in that Jon Schaffer sings all the vocals himself, which is not bad at all. Jon Schaffer surly shows he is a musical mastermind. There is room for ballads like “Our Dying Republic” which shows Jon’s emotional side. The album has nice guitar solo’s from Jim Morris and Troy Seele. . Technically this album is nice, you do have to like or support this topic I guess to really love it.

For those who like the album you can download it for free on the website, hoping to reach out to you with his words.

Jon Schaffer: Lead vocals, Guitars, Drum programming
Guest musicians:
Jim Morris – Guitar solos on “Jekyll Island”, “Indentured Servitude” and “The Cleansing Wind”, backing vocals, additional drum programming
Troy Seele – guitar solos on “Don’t Tread On Me” and “Feeling Helpless?”
Ruben Drake – Bass
Howard Helm & Jeff Brandt: Backing vocals

01. Jekyll lsland
02. Don’t Tread On Me
03. False Flag
04. Our Dying Republic
05. lndentured Servitude
06. Tree Of Liberty
07. Feeling Helpless?
08. The Cleansing Wind
09. We The People

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