23 September 2023

Terzo Livello – The Silent City

Releasedate: 05-06-2010; Label: Copro Records
By: Lara Cappelli

Terzo Livello is an Italian Rock/New Wave band formed in 2003. “The Silent City” is their first full length.

“The Silent City” was born with the provocative purpose of leaving something to the listener, something to make him shift from his torpor created by the society he lives in. Terzo Livello decided to do it with a great deal of energy that opens the album and never drops it, turning to be the overriding characteristic that shapes it. The way this energy is conveyed varies depending on the song you listen, using quite some variegated techniques also within the songs themselves. Still, the energy level is always kept so high that the album gets to be an amalgam the songs don’t get to outstand from. But this isn’t necessary a negative factor: the band gets to keep the energy level as high as the composition one, which is not something to give for granted. Something to point out is also Denis Cappelletti’s voice: his tone is pretty particular and his vocal skills bring out the darkest parts of the album. The marked inflection of his voice suggests an excellent control too. However, you find a lot of the Italian accent in his singing which makes the final outcome pretty rude. “The Silent City” is surely a very valid album that doesn’t need much time to be appreciated. The band’s capabilities come forward throughout it and leave quite some high hopes for their future career.

01. Bellatrix smile
02. Cherry slot
03. Heartbreak hotel
04. In this moment
05. Walking in the snow
06. Syntetic
07. Lost
08. Indifference
09. Happy birth men
10. Nevertold life
11. ???

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