29 January 2023

Sahg – III

Releasedate: 30-08-2010; Label: Indie Recordings
By: Sabine van Gameren

The Norwegian band Sahg is a band making Doom Metal. Formed in 2004 they started releasing a serie albums they simply number. Anno 2010 we are up for “III”.

Sahg is a band that seems a collection of all stars, seeing the line up makes you think of names like Gorgoroth, Audrey Horne, Ov Hell etc. Not bad to see this names making a twist to Doom. In this piece of music they seem to go back to what the 70’s had to offer and took some inspiration from that. For the Doom they seem to fell under the music is rather fast, takes us more into the stoner rock. On the side of darkness the band does hit the spot which makes up for the misstep you might have got when your expectations were disappointed. Nevertheless, the band do fulfill that other expectations considering the quality. With these names in the lineup you must expect some quality and the band lives up to that. Most of the attention seems to be for the guitars, giving slight surprise elements here and there which spice the album up. Take for example the song “Hollow Mountain” which has the potential of being the album’s top song.
This album is a decent release of these Norwegians. Strenghtful and just different enough to bring something that makes it a topper. Be aware that it might not be love at first sight, but after a couple times listening the beauty of it comes on top.

Line Up:
Olav Iversen – Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Tofthagen – Guitars
Tom Cato Visnes – Bass
Thomas Lønnheim – Drums

01. In Through The Eye
02. Baptism Of Fire
03. Mortify
04. Hollow Mountain
05. Mother’s Revenge
06. Downward Spiral
07. Shadow Monument
08. Burden
09. Denier
10. Spiritual Void

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