26 November 2022

Broken Mirrors – Strong Enough

Releasedate: July 2010; Label: Hunters Moon Records
By: Sabine van Gameren

Broken Mirrors is a French band formed in 2007. The make Melodic Death/Thrash Metal and they currently release an EP “Strong Enough”.

About a year ago the band had released their full length album, and now their first release under Hunters Moon Records is a fact.This four track disc brings the impression that the band is heavily inspired by bands like Childeren of Bodom and In Flames. The band claims it is a preview of their upcoming full length release which made the heart split in two. For those hoping for a new edge to the scene, Broken Mirrors is not what you are looking for, but for those who envy more of what they liked in the previous mentioned names can find their happiness with this band. Vocal wise you get confronted with angry vocals. These are backupped with guitar riffs stating the backbone of it.
What might be a pity is that the tempo is rather slow to what you might expect. During the whole EP there is the tension to when that critical outburst comes in which the speeds goes up, but it does not really arrive. In the last song there is the best attempt when the drums take a more dominant position.
There is fire and anger in them, it could come out them some when but hearing this EP doesn’t satisfy your needs to get rid of enough energy. There could have been more. Last but not least… Including two covers in a four track release? We rather hear more of the band own material.

Line Up:
François Guichard – Guitar, Vocals
Guillaume Vidal – Bass
Loïc Depauwe – Drums
Vannick Eymery – Keyboards
Florian Didier – Guitar, Backing Vocals

01 Strong Enough
02 Holding The Trigger
03 The Kids Aren’t Alright
04 Anarchy In The UK

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