25 May 2024

Blakylle – Wo uralte Wasser fließen

Label: Self-released
Releasedate: 21-10-2019

Blakylle is a German pagan metal band. Formed in 2014, the band describes their style as a mixture of atmospheric black and melodic death metal. They have recently released the brand new record “Wo uralte Wasser fließen” (translated to ‘Where ancient waters flow‘). It’s been a while since I reviewed a pagan metal record or anything similar, so it was quite refreshing to give this record a chance.

“Wo uralte Wasser fließen” is a fine pagan metal record with a perfect balance between the technical and the melodic aspect of this genre; the vocals (ranging from black to death metal) and the drums show us how technical the band can get with a little bit of the influences from the old-school era of pagan/black metal whereas the guitars deliver the melodic and at times the diverse approach. This balance is quite important in this genre to keep the listener hooked and Blakylle does a good job in this. I could also tell that the band is comfortable singing in their mother tongue as the album flows smoothly; this might be quite difficult for the listeners who are not familiar with the German language. On the other hand, this might also be an interesting concept for the foreign listeners and might make them curious into finding out more about this release and what lies beneath. Productionwise, the album sounds raw but well-produced; I actually liked this style in this release as the sound is not too polished but not too raw either, which might attract listeners of both spectra of this genre.

One aspect I would love to see in Blakylle‘s future releases would be the addition of versatile elements such as keyboards or choirs, which would add more dimension to the band’s already well-established style. Overall, they definitely show potential and I can imagine the songs working even better live with a dynamic and raw atmosphere. So get this release if you are into this genre and catch the band live if you are nearby. You won’t regret it!

Line up:

  • Albert – bass guitars
  • Constantin – drums
  • Sandro – guitars
  • Adrian – vocals

01. Aesir
02. Wo uralte Wasser fließen
03. Weiser Mann
04. Windmal
05. Der Stab
06. Die Frauen vom bleichen Wald
07. Skalde
08. Wanderer