23 July 2024

Stormzone – Death Dealer

Releasedate: 23-04-2010; Label: SPV/Steamhammer
By: Sabine van Gameren

Stormzone is an Irish band formed in 2005. Their debutalbum got released in 2007 and anno 2010 their latest release: “Death Dealer” sees light.

This band is having typical British influences in their music, something that you find out quite soon. The band takes an interesting approach mixing the good old classic sounds with some modern touch. This means this does not sound like an album that has been made ages ago, hold back on release and get into the world now, but that you can clearly hear there is something done with what makes people interested in this sort of music nowadays. The guitarists set a sprinkling set of riffs and solo’s both filling up to each other when needed, a teamwork that deserves to be mentioned. The band knows how to capture the interest from the listener with implementation plenty of variation in their album, which lasts far over an hour. This album is a good one for the listener of heavy metal. Stormzone brought something recognizable, but yet unique enough to give it a try. “Death Dealer” is simply said, that album that won’t bore you easily and shows that the band is able to set something where no ego strikes hardest, where the whole group works together to get the best called: “Death Dealer”.

Line Up:
John Harbinson – Lead Vocals
Davy Bates – Drums
Graham McNulty – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Keith Harris – Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Chris Polin – Lead, Rhythm Guitars

01. Death Dealer
02. Secret Gateway
03. The Memory Never Dies
04. Immortals
05. The Legend Carries On
06. Labyrinth
07. Wasted Lives
08. Stand Up And Fight
09. The Chosen One
10. World Of Sorrow
11. The Greatest Sacrifice
12. Final Journey

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