24 June 2024

Echoes – Nature/Existence

Releasedate: 08-02-2010; Label: ProgRock Records
By: Lara Cappelli

Formed in 2004, Echoes decided to dedicate themselves to Progressive music. On their way to this first release, they had the chance to gain some consent in Venezuela, their homeland, winning at the national “Alma Mater” Rock Festival.

Maybe Venezuela isn’t the land where Progressive music rules over other genres, but it seems Echoes have encompassed in their debut album all the influences of old and modern Progressive music as just a band with a career at full speed would do. The music found in Nature/Existence is mostly instrumental, with the addition of several guest vocalist such as Tobias Jansson (Silent Scythe), Nick Sorr (The Third Ending), Carl Webb (Oceanwerks) and Pedro Castillo (Tempano/Aditus). If that wasn’t enough, Echoes spices its music with the use of a saxophone, played by Dave Duffus, and the Anechoic Chamber String Quartet, that emphasizes the most dramatic parts of the album. The story told deals with love found and lost. In this contest, the epilogue and the prologue are placed so that one is the beginning of the other and vice versa, to give the feeling of the continuity and cyclical orientation of life. What is clear is that Nature/Existence isn’t a predictable album at all, on the contrary most of the time it steps out of the confine of Progressive Metal with a huge richness and emotive charge component.

01. Epilogue (…Is Where we Start)
02. Rude Awakening
03. Leaf Motif
04. Lullaby
05. Bonfires
06. Unfair
07. Seasons Came to Pass
08. Far from Coincidence
09. Despair
10. Winds of Dread
11. Farewell
12. Proglogue (Where We End…)

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