24 June 2024
Nahum - And The Chaos Has Begun

Nahum – And The Chaos Has Begun

[schema type=”review” name=”Nahum – And The Chaos Has Begun” author=”Sabine van Gameren” pubdate=”2015-12-31″ ]
Nahum has its base in Czech Republic and plays Death Thrash. The band started in2004 but never expanded until the release of their debut full length “The Gates Are Open” in 2012. The band now returned with a second album called “And The Chaos Has Begun”.

An album like this is an album that you may expect a lot from, but when the tracks on the album pass by, make you wonder if they live up that expectation in any case. It starts well, some good artwork, a track list with nine tracks, but the total playtime is just over half an hour. Maybe a bit disappointing for a full length. Then the songs itself are not really something new under the sun. It’s been done before and it simply lacks a bit more power and something to make it scream Nahum. To set a little light on all above, we can say that the quality of what is given is reasonable. The band does execute it well, but the guys would simply benefit from a fresh look upon it all.
“And The Chaos Has Begun” is an album that will not be album of the year, but for those who are into Thrash it may be worth a look anyway. The skills the band puts into it will be keeping you listening for a bit but be aware that it will not overrule anything yet.

Nahum - And The Chaos Has Begun Tracklist:
1. Raging Chaos
2. Vomit the Darkness
3. Creator of Emptiness
4. Funeral of Age
5. Damned
6. The Clash of the Fury
7. Under Fire
8. Rotten Lies
9. www (World Wide War)

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