27 November 2021

Matt Epp – Ready In Time

[schema type=”review” name=”Matt Epp – Ready In Time” author=”Sabine van Gameren” pubdate=”2016-01-15″ ]

Matt Epp is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter. After releasing eight albums at his own territory he now expands towards Europe with the release of “Ready In Time” here.

The album contains eight tracks that are straightforward. No endless wordpuzzling beyond its purpose, with Matt Epp you get it clear. The catchiness in the songs is maybe not always found in the most obvious way, which makes that they are often a little surprising and yet stick in mind easily. Matt has a voice that listens easily, a comforting touch with enough capabilities to add variation into it. The warm tones he lies into his songs are benefiting the atmosphere a lot.
If you are going through the track list as it has been made, no randomizing here, you really grow into the album, having the songs “Cash & Blood” and “North Star” as the closers that make that you leave this album satisfied, yearning for more even.

“Ready In Time” is a release that has plenty of chart potential. The songs are showing you Matt Epp. His identity comes forward into these songs and that is a quality that not all artists are that fluent with even though you might expect that from the genre like this. “Ready In Time” is one of these albums that you keep playing, it’s timeless and catchy enough to cheer up any moment.

Matt Epp - Ready In Time Tracklist:
01. Aftermath
02. Let Her Know
03. Go Somewhere
04. Something Better
05. Ready In Time
06. Hard to Say
07. Cash and Blood
08. North Star

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