23 July 2024

Daggerplay – Urban Campfire Songs

Releasedate: 2013
By: Sabine van Gameren

Daggerplay is a band from Helsinki, Finland making Punk Rock music. The band released their album “Urban Campfire Songs” recently.

What comes upon you right away when listening this release is a wall of melodic sounds, the guys have not hold back on that. Guitars are all around you and where some punk formations let the vocals take the major spot in a mix here you find an interesting balance between the instrumentals and the voice. Created atmospheres are warm as you would find them in Folk music so perhaps that feel comes into it also. But then the title also points you to the theme ‘Urban’, pointing to the fact that you may not get that pagan with it, the songs are taken out of life and what comes along which brings a very recognizable element into it, what is been said could all occur to your point of view also (or not, you don’t have to agree.)
You are presented with ten times a party. Ten tracks that have an unique touch, but yet in line with each other. The song that stands out a little is the songs “Cunts” which simply sticks in mind long after the album has stopped playing. Helsinki Punk of top class, step in now.

Line Up:
Pekko Mantzin – vocals and guitar
Tommi Luostarinen – guitar and backing vocals
Ville Ahonen – bass and backing vocals
Sirpa Immonen – drums

01. High Roads & Holloways
02. Brainfuck Euphoria
03. Blind Horses
04. Glitter Rodeo
05. Now I Wanna Listen To The Ramones
06. Right Now Everything´s Calm In The Attic
07. Perfect Escape
08. My Friends Are Mental And I Am Mental, Too
09. Cunts
10. Saints

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