23 September 2023

Kilt. – Everything/Nothing

Releasedate: 18-03-2009
By: Sabine van Gameren

Kilt. is an alternative metal band with industrial touches from Finland. On 18 March they release their debut album “Everything/Nothing”.

As you might have scrolled down for the lineup, it must have come to your notice that Kilt. is not having a vocalist. Kilt. works with vocalists from various other bands. On “Everything/Nothing” you can hear Jessi Frey (Velcra), Wille Hartonen & Janne Hartonen (Iiwanajulma), Mikko Herranen (Rust) and Ilkka Laitala (Nicole).
Focus of the band is mainly instrumental, there is plenty to hear. The music is dynamic and a lot of effort was put in the construction of the songs. Loads of effects. The changes in tempo and contrast between calm and aggressive parts are venerable. It somehow brings a dreamy atmosphere over the music.
You might think of a band like Cult of Luna to get an idea of what to expect, though Kilt. is more fresh then Cult of Luna will ever be and Cult of Luna has the tendency to make songs quite long where Kilt. knows when to stop. Not that it influences the sophisticallity.

As buyer’s advice there is to say, get it now: those who like to step a bit away from the most ordinary metal music of nowadays.

Line up:
Teemu Ruokonen – Drums
Esa Pajunen – Guitar
Pia Pulkkinen – Bass
Pasi Kuutti – Guitar
Matias Aaltonen – Ambient

01. Are We Going Out Tonight, Honey?
02. Undo
03. Then We Die
04. Oh, What A Sight
05. Dear Truth
06. Human Failure
07. Keptet
08. Manoeuvre
09. On A Stolen Land
10. Statictics
11. The Verdict
12. Sigma Fay

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