19 April 2024

Black Nail Cabaret – Chrysanthemum

Releasedate: 01 March 2024
Label: Dependent Records


The beautiful chrysanthemum originally derives its name from the Latin version of ancient Greek χρυσάνθεμον that means ‘gold flower’. Its humble white form is also known as the cemetery flower as it is often used to adorn graves for its longevity.

Black Nail Cabaret is a dark pop duo from Hungary. Formed in 2008, the band fuses art, pop, dark harmonies, and powerful electronics. Chrysanthemum is Black Nail Cabaret’s sixth full-length record, a dark soundtrack of life’s glory that is symbolised by a shiny white flower of seeming innocence that at closer inspection also carries all the eternal might of death in its scent.


It’s rare that I come across an album that arouses my curiosity these days. And so when I came across Chrysanthemum, I was so intrigued that I knew I had to review this record and boy.. I was not disappointed at all.

First things first, I am not an expert at this genre but the sound BNC creates with Chrysanthemum feels so fresh and nostalgic at the same time. It feels like an acoustic art gallery with all the electr(on)ic melodies pouring into our ears and thoughts forming in our head. There is a sinister and erotic vibe to Chrysanthemum with the perfect harmony of arrangements, melodies and lyrics; it will make you dance, fantasize and lose yourself. All in all, one of the album’s main themes is death and this lurks throughout the record, captivating the listeners. In addition, the arrangements are very well-done, which is quite important in a genre like this. All these elements – from musical arrangements to lyrics- make Chrysanthemum flow so easily.

My personal highlights of are “Autogenic”, “Totem and Taboo” and “Darkness is a Friend”. All these songs show the true essence of the band and have the catchiest melodies that will become ear candy.


Black Nail Cabaret‘s Chrysanthemum is one of my favorite records of the year (and yes, the year has just begun!). It is electric, sexy, dark and will make you dance for sure! Especially recommended for goth, darkwave, dark-pop lovers but also anyone who loves art in any shape or form.

Line up:

  • Emese Árvai-Illés – vocals
  • Krisztián Árvai – keyboards, programming


  1. My Home is Empty
  2. Autogenic
  3. Totem and Taboo
  4. Never Enough
  5. Neurons
  6. 1mg
  7. Darkness is a Friend
  8. Godspeed
  9. Roadtrip
  10. Teach Me How To Techno
  11. Faceless Boy