19 April 2024

The Vice – Dead Canary Run

Relesedate: 19 January 2024
Label: Noble Demon

Swedish chaos rockers The Vice are back with a brand new record called “Dead Canary Run”. The album follows the foundations of the previous release “White Teeth Rebellion” (2020). As with the previous album, “Dead Canary Run” offers us the right dose of the dark rock sound. Growls and the riffs form the main element; especially the riffs add that nice black metal twist, which is the most prominent in “Be Afraid”. Another highlight is definitely “Lit de Parade”, which serves as kind of an interlude song in the middle of “Dead Canary Run”. The piano arrangements are well-done and add another dimension to the album.

In general, I gotta admit I had a hard time getting into the flow with this record. It wasn’t a breath of fresh air for me and quite repetitive at times. However, if you are a fan of this genre in general (and especially a fan of Tribulation and similar artists), I am sure you will enjoy this record. The band shows potential and I am curious to see the melodies and stories they will offer in the next records.

Line up:

  • Rickard – vocals & guitars
  • Charlie – bass
  • Petter – drums
  • Joel Öhman – guest musician (piano)


  1. Another Future
  2. Tomorrow Will Mend
  3. Grant Me Your Peace
  4. Lit de Parade
  5. Crossing Over
  6. Be Afraid
  7. Welcome The Storm
  8. Exit Lights