25 February 2024

SATAN’S FALL – Destination Destruction

Releasedate:   03 November 2023
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

The Helsinki-based heavy-metal quintet “SATAN’S FALL” released the second in their career album titled “Destination Destruction”.

Well, let see what the path we explore this time. The announced heavy metal references was found in ten tracks combination. Technically there are eight tracks with two bonus-tracks which actually covers. The structure of the album is more or less what standard heavy metal record would be.  The opener inviting you to the adventures, the most promoted track in the first third of the record, the ballad a bit after half time and closing track where you share tears or two.

Especially I picked three tracks to pay your attention. There are in chaotic order. “No Gods, No Masters” is the most memorable track that you can repeat after listening to the album.  The next mentioned track is “Swines For Slaughter” which definitely good musically and thoughtful lyrically. The last one is the ballad “Dark Star” that is lighter than heavy metal can be. But tenderness and melodic vibes are really touching.

No single serious reference was given. Some records made for remembering what kind of genre we liked zillion times ago. And provided to re-listening to the masters.

Line up:

  • Miika Kokko – Vocals
  • Tomi Mäenpää  – Guitar
  • Joni Petander – Bass
  • Ville Koskinen – Lead Guitar
  • Arttu Hankosaari – Drums


  1. Lead The Way
  2. Garden Of Fire
  3. Swines For Slaughter
  4. Monster’s Ball
  5. Afterglow
  6. No Gods, No Masters
  7. Kill The Machine
  8. Dark Star
  9. Es Wird Viel Passieren
  10. Go Go Power Rangers