25 February 2024

Corroded – Plague

Releasedate: 17th of November 2023
Label: Despotz Records

The heavy metal band “Corroded” was founded in 2009, since then they’ve made a lot of noise touring much on their own and supporting bands like Airbourne. Additionally, the Swedes didn’t waste much time and released five records in ten years.  The sixth album “Plague” was out this November.

After the first listening of “The More Things Change”,I decide taste whole record. And… that wasn’t disappointment. The starter “The Lesser Of Two Evils” stitched the gap between classic 70’s and grunge 90’s. “Monster” has different edges like diamond, with partly changing melody, tempo and so on. I have no analogies for my own, but further I found the band to compare with.  “Rain” crossed the dots and whispered properly “Alice in chains”. The track is deep, dramatic and also includes several disharmonies which combines in the solid composition. As well as “Secrets” with absolutely bombastic lyrics. The closer “Bag Of Bones” is slightly secondary with band’s mastery, although there are speedy riffs, clear vocals and specific refrain.

Finalizing this review, I’d like to thank the band for this record. Not as much albums turned you in deep thoughtful reflection. For me it was the challenging review, because that music no need any kind of assessment.

Line up:

  • Jens Westin – vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Sam Söderlindh – guitar
  • Bjarne Elvsgård – bass
  • Per Soläng – drums


  1. The Lesser Of Two Evils
  2. Monster
  3. Beaten
  4. Dead Rest (Tears)
  5. Rain
  6. Secrets
  7. Crack In The Sky
  8. Watch The World Burn
  9. The More Things Change
  10. Drums Of War
  11. Deadlock
  12. Bag Of Bones