19 April 2024

Blazoner – Escape to Electric Land

Releasedate:   03 November 2023
Label: Independent

The American stoner-trio “Blazoner” are newbies of this year. Formed several months ago, the band showed skills in eight tracks “Escape to Electric Land”.

Comparing with such giants as “Black Sabbat” was not necessary, and for the next time the band can present themselves as makers of sound in the speed of light between unknown galaxies and real mostly cruel world. But what the “Blazoner” work really is?

Don’t mention the “electric” sound, thus intro “Electric land” turned in «Tron» movie expectation (for myself). “Servant” let things done and switched off any electric vibrations. There is a bit dramatic track with heavy odor. “Timeshift” and “Full Stop” are pretty close to stoner core with all the possible attributes to guess: sliding up and down tempo for seven minutes each. My personal fav is “Ghost”, which concern on deep emotional improvement with tender music lullabying and lighten up at the same time.

There is no masterpiece, but impressive demonstration of making classy stoner. As record’s tittle speaks itself, escapism is a good thing with psychedelic stuff. Music, I mean. So you can prove it on your own.

Line up:

  • Stephen Sullivan – Guitar, Vocals
  • Brian Carnes – Bass, Vocals
  • Andy Murray – Drums, Vocals


  1. Electric Land.
  2. The Servant
  3. Ghost
  4. Fallout
  5. Onyx Stone
  6. Misfortune
  7. Timeshift
  8. Full Stop