23 July 2024

Dog Eat Dog – Free Radicals

Releasedate: 20.10.2023 
Label: Metalville

Pioneer crossover band from New Jersey, USA Dog Eat Dog just released first full-length album in 17 years and it’s quite a lengthy one to their fans’ absolute pleasure.

DED released their first new material since 2006, an EP titled “Brand New Breed” in 2017. This new album “Free Radicals” is their 5th long-play to date. I was pretty excited to hear what they had in store after so many years of extensive touring and having become rap-rock legends in the meantime.

I must say “Free Radicals” have that edginess which is innate to the crossover genre as can be observed in the tracks like the opener Lit up, and Never Give In as well as being catchy and anthem-like. Blvk Clvd is the most hardcore one and shortest in length on the record. @joe’s ended up being my most favorite track besides their new signature song Man’s Best Friend that is dedicated our pupper friends. The verses of the track are in the vein of Body Count´s gangsta vibes; however, with the fun and to-the-point chorus the DED dna comes out to the surface. The band preserved their bombastic energy and this can be seen and heard throughout the album. Only downtempo track off the album; Bar down presents a different musical versatile side to them as a band. So, expect dynamic beats, hardcore riffs and energy blasts with Free Radicals- I absolutely love it when bands stay true to their roots and signature sounds.

If you like Run-Dmc, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys or Body Count, make sure you don`t pass the chance to witness “Free Radicals” of Dog Eat Dog.

Line up:

  • Dave Neabore – bass, backing vocals
  • John Connor – vocals
  • Brandon Finley – drums
  • Roger Haemmerli – guitars


  1. Lit Up
  2. kin
  3. Never give in
  4. Time won’t wait
  5. 1 thing
  6. Mean Str
  7. Energy Rock
  8. @joe´s
  9. Blvk Clvd
  10. Bar down
  11. Man´s Best Friend
  12. E1on1
  13. Looking Back
  14. Zamboni


Official: https://www.dogeatdogofficial.com/home
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dogeatdog.official