11 December 2023
Robert Jon

Robert Jon & the Wreck – Ride Into The Light

Release date:   25-08-2023
Label: Integral

Robert Jon & The Wreck are an American formation making Rock music. The band has some years on the counter and recently released their seventh album. It is called “Ride Into The Light”.

Straight when listening to this release you feel the road trip vibes coming in. Americana, Blues and some good Southern rock tunes make that you can stick with them for hours. The band has teamed up with some known producers, which seem to have brought the guys upon a new level. And the guys have been energetic a lot, touring around a lot and releasing even a live registration of their sold out show in Brussels (Belgium) which was recorded last year.
Fans have heard some of the tracks already before, as the band released them on an EP before but if you missed it, or need to get introduced yet it may be a good starting point.

The catchy “Come At Me” is one that challenges you to listen well to the band and not have their album fade into a background sound while a track like “One Of A Kind” have you swinging along easily. The band easily moves back and forth between the different feels from the tracks, not bringing in too large style changes but keeping it all in line without having it being too much alike,

Overall you can say that this album is pleasant to listen to but it does spark your imagination on how this would sound live. If you have not been able to catch them the concert registration we spoke of before is probably answering your question somewhat. But surely keep Robert Jon & The Wreck on your watch list!

Robert Jon & The Wreck


  1. Pain No More
  2. Who Can You Love
  3. Come At Me
  4. One Of A Kind
  5. Bring Me Back Home Again
  6. West Coast Eyes
  7. Don’t Look Down
  8. Ride Into The Light