23 July 2024

The Heavy Heavy – Life And Life Only

Releasedate:   2023

The Heavy Heavy is a band that creates Psychedelic music with a nostalgic touch. “Life And Life Only”, their debut release got out on vinyl now.

This duo has embraced a quite nostalgic sound and now they released it as vinyl that gives it just a little extra dimension. The larger artwork, the needle following the musical path, a warm sound from the two makes it all complete. What comes to notice if you listen to the album the two are presenting is that they are giving us a mix between the nostalgic sound and a sound from this era. The band modernized it but does not stray too far. With that they managed to add their own identity to it and a somewhat international vibe. For you could surely hear some American touch to it as well. Listen for example to “Go Down River” where some bluesy vibes are surfacing.
If you heard the bands original release you will notice that this is an extended edition, meaning there is a lot of bonus material available. A live version of “Man of the Hills” for example. A nice edition to the track list.

The Heavy Heavy is bringing something extra with the re-releasing of their debut. Wider audience availability and more material to listen to. A good buy if you did not got the original yet.

Line up:

The Heavy Heavy


  1. All My Dreams
  2. Go Down River
  3. Man of the Hills
  4. Miles and Miles
  5. Sleeping On Grassing Ground
  6. Why Don’t You Call
  7. Desert Raven
  8. Man of the Hills (Live)
  9. Real Love Baby
  10. Guinnevere
  11. Go Down River