23 September 2023

Marduk – Memento Mori

Releasedate:   01-09-2023
Label: Century Media Records

Do we really have to introduce Marduk, a band that has so many albums, so many shows on their name already. Active since 1990, 33 years later they are still releasing new material. Fair enough, their last studio album dates back some years but here it is: “Memento Mori”.

Pitch Black, that’s what we know Marduk from and through the years the band has swifted a bit back and forth, but has a very strong and recognizable sound that consists of a lot of anger, passion, mockery and vehemence.
Don’t expect this new release to be any less furious, the band follows up on their sound so a lot of recognizable moments will be found in this release and yet they have not lost their sense for an experiment here and there. Taking that tempo a step back at some moments, having the focus on other elements a bit more, Marduk is not ready to go into a sustaining path musically like some bands do when they are around for that long.
The vicious “Blood of The Funeral” certainly releases you from any anger within you, giving it a way to channel that all, whereas in “Year of The Maggot” the band gives us a track that will speeds things up in any live performance.

The very last track on this release “As We Are” is a bit slower of nature, but leaves a deeper impression for the words are very obvious in there, a thing you can’t miss by going with the flow of their sound.

Marduk delivers a good album again, not strange, at studio release number fifteen you may have your expectations up. It is great to see they still like to show a bit different side from themselves here and there and surprise the listener. One of the better releases this year, without a doubt.

Line up:

  • Morgan – Guitars
  • Mortuus – Vocals
  • Simon – Drums


  1. Memento Mori
  2. Heart of the Funeral
  3. Blood of the Funeral
  4. Shovel Beats Sceptre
  5. Charlatan
  6. Coffin Carol
  7. Marching Bones
  8. Year of the Maggot
  9. Red Tree of Blood
  10. As We Are